Vision and mission

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Westowne Elementary Vision

Westowne Elementary School envisions a safe, nurturing, and personalized learning environment that is student-centered, collaborative, and enhanced by digital resources which engages and empowers all students to become lifelong learners and achieve within a globally competitive society.

Westowne Elementary Mission

Westowne Elementary School is committed to educating the whole child, while providing a safe and nurturing environment that promotes a passion for lifelong learning, respect for self, others, the learning environment and an appreciation for individual differences.

School Belief Statements

Westowne Elementary School faculty members believe all students can and will succeed and learn by:

  •  providing opportunities for all students to think, dream, believe, and achieve.
  • creating differentiated, rigorous, relevant instruction that is enhanced by digital resources and engages students in enduring learning.
  • ·ongoing monitoring of student progress through data analysis and the adjustment of instructional practices to meet individual student needs.
  • fostering a team effort between the staff, families, students, and stakeholders, as the entire learning community must share responsibility for the needs and development of children while promoting an appreciation for individual differences and cultures.
  • involving students in decisions that affect their instructional success.
  • providing a positive productive environment that respects the dignity and worth of each individual.

Westowne Elementary School Opening Mitigation Snapshot