Internet access 

Ready to access online resources but don't have internet access at home? Several local internet providers are working to offer free/low-cost options to families during this time.



  • AT&T is offering two months of free services, and then $5 a month for speeds 768Kbps-3Mbps,or $10 a month for speeds 5Mbps-10MBPS.
  • They are waiving all home internet data overage fees. 
  • For more information and to apply, visit the Access from AT&T webpage.
  • The customer service number is 1-800-288-2020.


  • Verizon provides “Lifeline Services” including phone, and internet for discounted fees. Basic phone services are around $0.66 a month for outgoing calls, and enhanced phone services are $10 a month for unlimited calls.
  • Additionally, Broadband internet is available for $9.25 monthly. 
  • For more information and to apply, visit Verizon's Lifeline webpage.
  • The customer service number is 1-800-832-4966

Baltimore County resources for help

Social emotional support resources

Children (and adults!) are likely to have lots of unanswered questions and be experiencing all kinds of emotions during this time away from their regular school routines. See below for some ideas on how to support your child's social emotional health.  Additional resources and ideas will be updated regularly below:

Mental Health Resources

Please view the Mental Health Resources document for a comprehensive list of available services for students and families.
Access to Focus and Schoology:

Parent are allowed to log in and access Focus (BCPS’ Student Information System) and Schoology (BCPS’ Learning Management System).

The Department of Information Technology has monitored active logins and, while over 5,000 parents have logged in, BCPS has roughly 200,000 established connections to students.  In order to increase the number of established accounts before the Quarter 1 report cards are released, school staff should share the Creating a Parent Account document with parents. The directions for parents can be also found on the BCPS Web site under “Tech Support.” In addition, a document has been prepared to aid school staff in their support for parents as they navigate these new tools.  That document can be found here.   Parents and teachers should also be aware that there is now a link within Focus to take them directly to Schoology, thus eliminating the need for separate login pathways.